Administrative Director (Home Office)


Figure with administrative experience and good interpersonal skills, ability to assume the role of manager

Place of work: ET Malta headquarters

  • Excellent knowledge of English, Italian and tools
  • Duties: Management and accounting / financial records: purchase invoices and sales, banks, travel management practices, schedule payments, commission management, periodic checks

Relations: with internal staff, network planners, accounting consultants, programmers

Previous experience: preferably at companies operating in the travel industry or companies that handle a high rate / number of promoters and agents, good knowledge of accounting and tax regulation and accountancy; necessary knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon taxation

Possibility of professional growth to coordinate the work of the administrative team

The strategic aspects of the role:

  • Monitor and improve internal processes in terms of flows and organization (management control)
  • Complete / completed fiscal migration from Italian to English-speaking bringing innovative elements
  • Identify and study a detailed reporting system for the monitoring of the accounting and financial flows

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